Terms of Use
Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The text of the user agreement regulates the terms (hereinafter - the “Terms of Use”) for the provision of services to Crypto Innova Capital Sagl (“Crypto Innova”), as well as access to https://cryptoinnova.com, as well as all the functions of this site. By using https://cryptoinnova.com, you agree to abide by these Terms of Use. The website of the company is regulated in accordance with the applicable law, which provides for as follows: access may not be granted to persons under eighteen years of age (18 years). By accepting these conditions, you guarantee compliance with all of our and regional standards regarding the age, rules and restrictions, including the use of access to the company's website. Crypto Innova Capital Sagl may at any time change, delete or add any element of this site, including changing the accessibility of any function, database or content. The Company may also impose restrictions on certain functions and services and/or your access to a part of the Site or to the entire Site without notice or liability of any kind. In order to gain access to the site, web services, data and third-party data you must register an account ("Account"). The confirmation of the acceptance of these rules shall be the fact of registration by clicking on the "Register" button after filling in the registration form on https://cryptoinnova.com. A client that uses any of the functions of the https://cryptoinnova.com site, by default agrees with all the provisions of this privacy policy and this document. If the user does not agree with any of the clauses of these documents, it should immediately withdraw from the agreement with the company. By using https://cryptoinnova.com, the user also agrees that the company may change the terms of this agreement at its discretion and at any time. The company is not obliged to notify customers about any change introduced in the documents. Each user can track changes by reading this agreement repeatedly.

1. Disclaimer

You, as the User, agree that the Company, including its owners, employees, agents, its branches, partners or additional service providers, shall not be liable for any losses, costs, expenses, lost opportunities, non-commercial, material or other damages, that may arise from your use of any information that may become available on the Company's website. We have the exclusive right to change, supplement or delete any product, service or content previously offered through our site. The Company's website may contain certain irrelevant (historical) information provided for reference only. The Company does not bear any responsibility, obligation, does not cover any costs and does not accept claims arising directly or indirectly due to inaccurate information provided on the Website of the Company, in the Personal Account of the User and/or due to non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions or other regulatory acts in respect of the Company's documents for the User. Crypto Innova Capital Sagl shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, delays or omissions of any information, transmission or delivery of information, for any loss or damage arising from force majeure. Under no circumstances will Crypto Innova Capital Sagl, its employees, affiliates, partners and additional service providers bear any responsibility that exceeds the commission received by the Company within the 6 months preceding the event that entailed the responsibility of the Company.

2. Copyright

Absolutely all graphic and text data (images, logos, pictures, buttons, audio and video files, texts) on https://cryptoinnova.com, as well as programs that ensure its functionality, are fully protected by copyright. All content on this site is protected by international copyright law and is owned by Crypto Innova Capital Sagl.

3. Use of the content of the website

All the website content as well as its functionality is available for use in strict accordance with the privacy policy and this agreement. When performing actions with this resource, it is prohibited that customers copy or distribute information that belongs to the company, except as described in the provisions of this document.

4. Provision of services

Crypto Innova Capital Sagl undertakes to provide the Services in a proper manner, in the proper amount and in accordance with these Terms of Use. The responsibility of Crypto Innova Capital Sagl is limited to the use of the necessary technical means for the provision of the Company's Services. If the User agrees and fully adheres to these Terms of Use and other regulatory documents, Crypto Innova Capital Sagl provides the User with the conditions for performing actions and transactions provided for in these Terms of Use, other regulatory documents of the Company and the capabilities of the User's Personal Account and the Crypto Innova Service. When effecting financial transactions currency is not converted. The operations of crediting funds to the account and debiting funds from the User’s account are performed automatically. In case of force majeure situations, manual processing of payments shall be valid with a 48-hour time limit.

5. Causes and conditions of possible account blocking

If you find facts of violation of the terms of the agreement or incorrect behavior of the User, the user account may be temporarily or completely blocked. The blocking time is up to 180 days depending on the circumstances. Each case is considered individually. In this case, the user shall be notified by email. 5.1. Breach of confidentiality: - registration of two or more accounts from one real IP-address; - authorization of several accounts (two or more) from one real IP-address; - creating a fake referral chain; - providing false information in the profile. 5.2. Violations that damage the reputation of the company: - public statement of false information about Crypto Innova;
- intentional misrepresentation regarding the mission of the company and its functionality;
- attempts to disrupt the operation of the website and use of potential vulnerabilities;
- hacking or attempted hacking, access to wallets owned by other people;
- unauthorized collection of personal information about the users;
- spamming which damages the reputation of the company;
- misbehavior, rudeness, obvious sarcasm towards the employees or customers of the company.

6. Recovering User Account Data

6.1. Password recovery In case of loss of the password from the account, but having access to the email specified during registration, filling out the password recovery form shall carry out recovery automatically.
6.2. Payment password recovery
If you lose your payment password, please contact our technical support. Payment password recovery period is up to 20 business days. 6.3. Access recovery 2FA (OTP code)
To restore access 2FA you need to contact technical support. Recovery time is up to 30 business days.

7. Risk Disclosure

Before using Crypto Innova, you must make sure that you understand the risks associated with crypto currency transactions. You acknowledge and agree that you access and use the Crypto Innova services and site at your own risk, taking full responsibility. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information in the registration process and to update such information so that it is accurate, current and complete. Crypto Innova reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account if any information provided during or after the registration process is inaccurate, irrelevant or incomplete. You are also responsible for protection of information that has access to the Site, including, but not limited to, username, passwords, and account information. You agree not to disclose your password to third parties and be solely responsible for any actions in your Account, regardless of whether you have authorized such actions. You must immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized use of your account.

8. User Responsibility

By accessing and / or using https://cryptoinnova.com, you agree that: - You will not use the Site for any illegal and / or criminal or fraudulent purposes, violating any laws, regulations or regulations, performing any actions that deceive the customers of Crypto Innova or Crypto Innova, or provide false, inaccurate or misleading information about the Crypto Innova. User accounts are not transferable to third parties. - You will not spam or use the Site for any commercial purpose or activity.
- You will not interfere with the correct operation of the platform in any way, creating an excessive or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure or taking any measures that may adversely affect the operation of the Site or the reputation of the Company. You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site or any Crypto Innova account or receive data from the site without our written permission.
- You will not falsely claim or distort your affiliation and/or violate intellectual property.
- You bear responsibility, including the recognition of total loss of funds, in case you make errors when effecting money transfers.
- You agree to fully reimburse the expenses of the Company incurred upon restoring a user account. In case of non-compliance (full or partial) of these Terms of Use or other regulatory documents requested by the User (during the execution of the request by the Company or after the execution of the request), the Company will act on the basis of the Company's Regulatory Documents, including those with the right to reject the request of the User. The Company reserves the exclusive and absolute right to restrict or prohibit the access of any user (person or organization) to the Site or any part of it at any time and for any reason without prior notice. The Company also reserves the right to relieve the User from liability to the Company or make a compromise decision.

9. Force majeure

The company has the right to establish force majeure in the presence of sufficient grounds. In this case, the Company and its respective affiliates are not considered responsible for any delays, disruptions or termination of the Services, directly or indirectly caused by hostilities, war, terrorism, strikes, fires and other natural and man-made disasters, interruptions in electricity supply or telecommunications or any other reasons beyond the control of the Company. In case of force majeure, the Company is obliged to inform the User about the occurrence of such events. In case of such situations, as well as situations not described in these Terms of Use, the Company will act in accordance with the accepted market practice, making reasonable and fair decisions. Contacts Should you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use, please contact us by phone, mail or chat support service.